Our Little Dragons group ranges in age from 3.5 to 7. The class is designed to develop coordination skills while enhancing focus. We also work on Social and awareness development as well as personal social interaction in a fun "play" based class. We deal with an extensive group of development situations from how to introduce yourself to what it is to be aware. We believe that play-based education is a fundamental tool in easing young students into a more structured training environment

Our Tigers group ranges in age from 7 to12. This class is designed to not only develop self-defense skills but the skills needed to avoid situations where they would need to use them. Our program prides itself on enhancing what is taught in the home like personal responsibility, teamwork respect, and commitment. As students grow, they work on being a leader, for example showing others how to execute moves. We feel the more we can put a student in responsibility situations the more they grow. We can tell a child to do something over and over, for them to learn they need to repeatedly do it so that the actions become their own. To be a leader or become confident etc. we must do the action until it becomes second nature. People don't become confident until they have been put into situations that require confidence.

Our Youth group ranges in age from 12 and up. This is a significant developmental age group they are becoming more aware. This is when we can instill not just physical skills but work on their social and emotional attributes. Honestly defending oneself is not as difficult as most think. The challenge is, do you have the tenacity to do it? Do you have the confidence to not hang out with the wrong peers? Do you have the awareness to read others to see if they are getting irritated? We deal heavily with these interpersonal situations while enhancing the martial skills if ever needed.


Karate with a twist

Our instructors have various backgrounds in many styles of martial arts. They have a lifetime of real-world experience in dealing with aggressive situations. We teach traditional martial-arts, while focusing on applications that have proven to work in self-defense situations . Learning an art encompasses a large body of information.  Our initial focus is to get students skilled in a few applications to deal with the most common aggressive situations

A better life through Karate

We are more than martial art aficionados. Most adult practitioners are more like Renaissance people. We have learned through training, mentoring and being mentored, the skills that help us to accomplish most goals. The self-defense skills that give us the confidence to not worry about how others might judge us. Many of us do art, play instruments study science dabble in programming not to mention public speaking and social contribution. Martial arts training is a real word educational pattern that builds the skills for a more fulfilling life experience.

Mat chats

In the past, it was common to lecture students in a one-way dialog - a "do as I say" approach. With our focus on helping students develop their own skills, we have a mentoring conversation with the child during our "Mat Chats." We strive to help your child develop the skills they need in their own way, in their own time so that they can build a skill set that serves them for the rest of their lives. This has practical applications in social, academic, and family settings as these skills are both far-reaching, and universally applicable.

Personal Development

Managing conflict is a critical life skill. Conflict emerges in patterns and is predictable. We teach your child what conflict looks like, and how to redirect or prevent conflict from progressing to violence. Our approach integrates some of the latest thinking in the fields of emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and threat assessment techniques developed in the law enforcement environment. The ability to maintain composure during conflict yields a self-confidence that our students proudly demonstrate every day.

What to expect

Expect a fun environment that hides a lot of the boring repetition that you might expect to see in typical martial arts schools. Like any learning environment, expect a structure that enables students to reach their own goals while progressing in a system designed to reward those who follow it. More importantly, expect a caring and compassionate team of professionals who are devoted to helping students get the most out of their martial arts training.

Birthday parties

One of the most enjoyable parts of our school is celebrating birthdays. We have just as much fun as the kids will. We handle everything from the entertainment to decorating and of course the cleanup. Our entire objective is to highlight your child on their special day while everyone feels part of the event and festivities. Over the years we have found a great way to have an awesome party, from the best party favor to the best deserts.

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