How to get started with Karate lessons.

The most common questions are.

When are classes?

We hold classes every day except Sunday. We are parent-friendly, so you can choose on a day to day bases what class to attend.

When can they start?

Our programs are open enrollment, and a student can begin whenever is most convenient for you.

How young do you start?

Our students range from 3 and a half to about 50, and classes are broken up by age and skill.

You are most likely looking into karate to help give your children a small sense of routine, during these unusual times, as well as the benefits that karate is known for. While simultaneously getting some exercise and self-defense skills.


The questions every parent has are mostly still the same. Will my child like karate? Will they stick to it? Can they learn to do it online? What will happen when they can interact again with other kids? And on and on....


Most answers are the same as before.


We really won't know until we get them involved.


The best thing we have found is to meet each other and try it out


Normally a room full of parents and kids can feel a little intimidating. With Zoom online meetings I've been finding most kids don't go through those feelings as much, in fact I've yet to have a student not do great with this.


During the private lesson, I show your child how easy and fun karate is. We get to know each other and go over things like what focus is and when & when not to use their new-found skills.


Eventually, when your future karate expert comes to the school, he or she will walk into class with confidence, or at least a little more than they would have before. They then can enjoy group classes and not worry so much about what they’re supposed to do.